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I deal with chronic pain, and I had tried almost everything from chiropractic work to physical therapy. Once I began seeing Anna, my pain level decreased tremendously. Anna listens to everything that is a concern for me, and chooses the treatment based on how my pain management is progressing in the time between visits. She has made it possible for me to enjoy physical activity for the first time in 2 years.

Kelly M. 


I've been seeing Anna for cupping and acupuncture for about a year now. I get symptoms of nausea, migraine, imbalance and fatigue/exhaustion from an inner ear disorder. She's very attentive to my needs at every appointment. A lot of the time I go in feeling terrible and nauseated and leave feeling a lot more relaxed (it's surprising how neck and back tension plays a huge role in migraine frequency). Although, in my case, it took a few appointments to see results, I felt at ease going to each appointment knowing I could only improve the state of my health. 
Anna has given me a lot of tips for my skin as well. There was a time where I was having a lot of trouble with acne and was trying so many different medications for it. Her experience with skincare allowed her to give me very useful suggestions on how to clear up a lot of that acne.
Over time, I found that my acupuncture appointments were also keeping me revitalized and less physically fatigued (which is a huge deal!). I'm able to function a lot longer without having to take multiple naps during the day. Ultimately, I am SO thankful for discovering the healing methods of Chinese Medicine!

Michelle S.


I had been suffering from constant pain in my left shoulder for approximately nine months. The pain was always there... Always uncomfortable, limiting and occasionally severe if I played golf or carried something with my left hand or my bag over my left shoulder... It even hurt driving. I had extremely limited range of motion, my arm pit was swollen, I couldn't sleep on my left side and had to cradle it just right in an attempt to ease the pain and fall asleep. Most nights it woke me up and kept me awake for most of the night. I was not only in pain but exhausted too.

I called her the next morning, explained my situation and she had me in there by the end of the week. Not only was she sweet, pleasant, and kind, she was knowledgeable and thorough! We sat and chatted about my athletic history, injuries and ailments and she got to work.

Rather than asking Anna just to treat my shoulder, I gave her my laundry list of issues and she addressed them all!

For my next visit, I asked her only to focus on my shoulder and she did. And that was it! She fixed it! Within a few days, the lump in my pit was gone, I slept like a baby, my shoulder felt strong and healthy and I felt "normal" and pain free!

Now I look for reasons to go back and see her, will go for maintenance and I've started a facial rejuvenation package that I'm super excited about. I can't wait to see and feel the results and I truly enjoy my time there. I couldn't be more thankful and feel more blessed to have found Anna!

Liz V. 


I had pain in my right thumb, it felt like maybe tendonitis. I went to my regular Dr., and he just said rest it. A friend recommended Anna Mai for acupuncture. I said what the heck, and had 4 treatments in 4 weeks, and my thumb is totally back to normal. She really seems like she knows her stuff, and is very nice to work with. I would highly recommend for pain relief.

Phil W.


Anna has been treating me for over 8 years now. I have relied on her for both chronic and acute problems ranging from rotator-cuff injury to chronic back problems to tennis elbow. I have usually experienced immediate relief from pain and discomfort and usually an immediate improvement in range of motion.
Anna is very patient and understanding and has a calm and open personality. I have recommended Anna to a number of friends and acquaintances and would not hesitate to do so again.
If you have already enjoyed the benefits of acupuncture, or are hesitant to start, I would recommend Anna without reservation.
Her new location is very accessible with great parking and has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Ian V.


I look forward to seeing Anna Mai every month. I'll be honest - I'm not the type of woman that typically get facials every month prior to Anna Mai's facial acupunctures. I'm a tom boy and very active in sports etc. I feel the money is well spent with Anna. She relaxes me, massages my face, neck, and shoulders. What is there not to like. Anna typically starts with exfoliating my face and then she will put on facial masks for me. After my skin is supple, she will put small needles in my face and it doesn't hurt at all. I typically zen out for 30 mins or so. Anna even sometimes gives me extras such as facial peels, or gives me body acupuncture or small beauty gadgets to take home. She's an amazing woman inside and out (so beautiful with great skin). She looks like she's still in her 20s and very professional / friendly at the same time. During the treatments, we typically chat and she treats me like I'm one of her girlfriends. I feel going to Anna is like going to see my best friend and she's beautifying me. She's taught me

so much about how to cleanse my body. I'm very happy and blessed to have met such great women. Positive energy attracts more positive energy! Give Anna a try and you will be hooked.

Kim N.


I first went to see Anna for ringing in my ears. I had gone to acupuncture in southern Cal many many years ago with some success for back nerve issues. I asked Anna if she could help. We talked about my overall health and how it been compromised by my Diabetes and being over weight for years. Three visits and my ear stopped ringing!! I was amazed. My Dad who is suffering from this for years has to sleep with headphones its so bad. I became a regular patient. I have gone back to Anna several times for "tune ups" as well as other ailments. She always tells me if she can help out not in advance. And is usually quite accurate. I have seen her for shoulder and knee pain. The knee is pretty bad and hard to remedy but we tried.... The shoulder treatment was very helpful. I have gone to her for clogged ears and she "candled" me with great results and I get that done yearly. Once after a Hawaii snorkeling trip and another time after some water in the ear that I made worst by trying to treat myself. The last time I went to her it was for neuroma in my foot and Im much better. The combination of her work and some change in my footwear has made a HUGE difference Anna is very friendly, direct, and professional. Her place is immaculate and quiet. I cannot say enough about her service and her as a person. I Love the cupping treatment as well If you are in the Area I would definitely see her. Ive sent friends to her with very good results

Rich G.


Anna is fantastic, I have been seen by Anna for over 10 years. I use to be afraid of needles, but Anna has so much experience and a way of doing acupuncture that you don’t feel a thing. She has a very relaxed environment, I go there to refresh from everyday life. My favorite treatment is cupping, I work on a computer 24/7 and my shoulders and neck carry tons of tension, one session of cupping with Anna gives my body the relief I need.

Patty R.